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Pilot Cars - Escort Service for Especial Transport

coches piloto portadaOur company specializes in Special Transport and Processing Licenses for transportation with required police escort, surveying and checking the routes for the transports way.

Our company, with more than a 25-year experience and professionalism, was founded in Barcelona in 1990 by Luis Rodriguez G., who has a wide experience in any matter related to the sector of especial transport and a client portfolio with more than 25 national clients and a few foreigner ones.

Currently, in order to improve the service to both our clients and new potential ones, we have set up a three-base group distributed in strategic locations in Spain, whose headquarters are found in Barcelona, Irún and Madrid.

We arrange transport escorts all around Spain, France and Portugal.

Our fares, adjusted to the best price in the current market, are competitive both in the formalities and processing of the licenses and in the escort of especial transport.

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TEL +34 600 393 396
c/ Riera de Tena 15

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We arrange transport escorts all around Spain, France and Portugal

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We have at our disposal a ten-pilot car fleet, suited to escort in any of the aforementioned countries and ready to contact the transport driver through the radio or a walkie-talkie would he be required to get off the vehicle